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Positive & Adverse Childhood Experiences (PACES) Hawai‘i
He ‘a‘ali‘i kū makani mai au; ‘a‘ohe makani nāna e kūla‘i.
I am a wind-withstanding ‘a‘ali‘i; no wind can topple me over.

Mindfulness Minute Series (2 of 6) Caregiver and Infant time!


85% of our brains are formed in the first 1,000 days of life! Research supports that a child and their caregivers build intimate bonds, emotions are learned and shared at this critical developmental age. In our "Mindfulness Minute Series" we look at the infant/toddler years and building a strong base of support for our little keiki!  This article from the good folks at Child Care Resources of Rockland provides a great tip in doing a "body scan" when interacting with your little keiki. Body scan activities are also great adult strategies when we are trying to wind down from a long and stressful day.  Here is a tip, if you had a particularly hard and stressful day (or if you just got home after being stuck in traffic), before you leave your car, do a "body scan" and with breathing exercises, let go of the stress you hold before entering your home. It is a great way to combat negative emotional contagions!



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