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Policy and Legislation

Please Join the Fresno County COVID-19 Weekly Agency-CBO Call!

Register Here Fresno County COVID-19 Weekly Agency-CBO Call The meetings will be focused on: - Updates from County Public Health Officials - Most Current Needs Identified via 2-1-1 System - Q&A and Resource Coordination - Public Communication Needs for the Coming Week Webinar tools will be used to facilitate Q&A and information sharing among participants during the meetings. Notes and recordings will be made available afterward each week. Meetings are hosted in partnership with the...

Fresno County Launches $111 Million Mental Health Push For Children

Listen Here We’re at the start of another school year. And that means more than just a focus on basic academic skills. In Fresno County, there’s a new push to address mental health and wellbeing. It’s part of a five year, $111 million dollar campaign that’s called “All 4 Youth” that’s bringing together the county’s office of education and the behavioral health department. We spoke with director Dawan Utecht to learn more about how the program aims to expand everything from suicide prevention...

Possible CA Legislation- AB 2691 Pupil health: pupil and school staff trauma: Trauma-Informed Schools Initiative

AB 2691, as amended, Jones-Sawyer. Pupil health: pupil and school staff trauma: Trauma-Informed Schools Initiative. Existing law requires the governing board of any school district to give diligent care to the health and physical development of pupils and authorizes the governing board of a school district to employ properly certified persons for the work. This bill would establish within the State Department of Education the Trauma-Informed Schools Initiative to address the impact of...

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