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Jeoff Gordon sees PACEs science, PACEs Connection playing a vital role in ‘relieving some of the most anguishing pain in our society.’

Note: PACEs Connection is in dire financial straits. We are asking for support, from you, our 57,586 members, to help cover the loss of foundation funding that was promised and did not come through. Pay and hours have been cut for our staff—most of us will be laid off for the month of December. Another grant will pick up in January, but we will still be underfunded. Since sounding the alarm this summer, we’ve raised about $26,000 . Thankfully, about 25% of new donors are making monthly...


As a clinician, researcher and policy specialist devoted to the prevention and treatment of the ill effects of child abuse and neglect (CAN) I read “Recommendations for Population-Based Applications of the Adverse Childhood Experiences Study: Position Statement by the American College of Preventive Medicine” (Sherin KM, Stillerman A, Chandrasekar L, Went N, Niebuhr DW. Recommendations for Population-Based Applications of the Adverse Childhood Experiences Study: Position Statement by the...

Evidence on Elder Abuse and Protective Factors

A recent article in N ature: Aging reports research evidence about risk and protective factors for elder abuse in Canada. In the past year, 10% of older Canadians experienced some form of abuse, and those most vulnerable were experiencing cognitive, physical or mental health challenges, had experienced childhood maltreatment, were in shared living arrangements. Black adults were at greater risk of financial abuse. Having social support systems (e.g. including tangible support, affection,...

A young man asked a 100-year-old veteran to go to Disneyland with him. It's a lesson in kindness. (

@IsaiahGarza/TikTok Author: To read Annie Reneau's article, please click here. Isaiah Garza knows a thing or two about struggle. Having lived in poverty and been in and out of homelessness growing up, the Los Angeles-based designer, entrepreneur, philanthropist and public speaker hasn't traveled an easy road, but has always felt compelled to make life better for others and inspire future generations. Thanks to Rihanna being photographed wearing one of his jewelry designs on the cover of a...

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