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Community Tracker Sectors and Subsectors Guidance

Not sure which sector or subsector to choose for your organization? See the list of examples below for help.

Business: Privately owned organizations that operate at a profit. Examples: McDonalds, Local Drugstores,

Child Care: Organizations that provide care to children. Daycare Centers, In-home childcare providers, after-school programs.

Civic: Elected officials, city offices, libraries

Community Service Organization: Local service clubs. Lions Clubs, Kiwanis Clubs, Fraternities and Sororities.

Community Initiatives: Local associations of organizations and/or individuals that join together around a topic.

Education: Teachers, school counselors, Parents/PTA associations, students.

Education 12+: Community colleges, state and private universities, vocational schools.

Emergency Responders: EMTs, Firefighters, Police, Sheriff.

Faith-based: Churches, Synagogues, Mosques.

Funders: Foundations, First 5.

Health: Hospitals/ERs, Substance Use centers, surgery centers, home care providers.

Justice System: Courts, District attorney offices, juvenile justice workers, jails, re-entry programs, judges.

Media: Newspapers, TV Stations, Radio stations, online news sites.

Political Organizations: Democratic party, Libertarian party, Republican party.

Recreational Clubs and Organizations: Fitness clubs, Yoga studios, Martial arts studios, Gardening associations, art clubs.

Social Services: Child welfare organizations, Domestic violence, Unemployment offices, Family serving organizations, Foster care, Housing, Human trafficking, Immigration, Older Adults, Parenting, Transportation, Youth services.

Youth Organizations: Boys and Girls Clubs, Girl scouts, Boy scouts, 4H.

Military: Air Force and Air Force Reserve, Air National Guard, Army National Guard, Coast Guard and Coast Guard Reserve, Marine Corps and Marine Corps Reserve, Navy and Navy Reserve, Veterans.

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