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How to Help Survivors of Extreme Climate Events (

By Elaine Miller-Karas MSW, LCSW Building Resiliency to Trauma Psychology Today, September 30, 2022 Mental health can suffer after extreme climate events. KEY POINTS Mental health conditions exacerbated by natural disasters include post-traumatic stress disorder, depression, and anxiety. After a disaster, the number of people needing assistance from the mental health systems strains or exceeds community capacity. There are simple strategies helpers can use to help survivors restore...

PACEs and the Arts as Healing Training Series 2022

*Artist from the cover image is unknown. PACEs Connection's interactive four-part series on Foundations of arts as healing in our PACEs Connection communities begins in the second quarter of 2022. John Dovales Flores MSW will facilitate this course, PACEs Connection’s Community Arts consultant, and will be a combination of learning about the arts and integrating arts into programming, exploration of equity issues in the arts, neuroscience of the arts, healing modalities, and how to develop...

PACEs and Criminal Justice Training Series 2022

PACEs Connection's interactive three-part series on exploring the intersection of utilizing PACEs science to impact criminal justice through our PACEs Connection communities! This course will be facilitated by Dr. Porter Jennings-McGarity, Director of CQI & Criminal Justice Consultant, and will be a combination of sharing, learning by example, exploration with your fellow community members, consensus building, brainstorming, and collaboration. Registration for this course is now open for...

Trauma-Informed Education Training Series 2022

PACEs Connection's interactive four-part series will continue in July of 2022. This course will be facilitated by Lara Kain and will be a combination of lecture, discussion, and collaboration. This four part series will use the RYSE center Interacting Layers of Trauma and Healing as a framework. Register for each session below, please share with your networks! Course description and schedule: Part 1: Individual and Interpersonal. How exposure to trauma and adversity impacts our ability to...

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