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Clayton County PEACExPEACE (GA)

Preventing and Eliminating Adverse Childhood Experiences by Promoting and Empowering All Children to Excel in Clayton County, GA. The Center for Family and Community Wellness, Inc. is the parent organization of all PEACEXPEACE communities.

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The Wisdom of Trauma - Encore Event - This Weekend until Midnight PST Sunday

If you missed the recent world premiere of The Wisdom of Trauma Movie with Dr. Gabor Maté, this weekend you can watch the encore of the movie plus get full access to the Talks on Trauma series including my talk with Dr. Gabor Maté and Nneka Jones Tapia on "A Vision for Compassionate Prison." The link is here (all donations will go to Compassion Prison Project by using this link!): Opening Kick Off Introduction with Gabor...

Eighteenth Edition: Preventing ACEs | Healing Adversity | Promoting Resilience

Aligning Resources Across Georgia To Support Resiliency To Our Resilient Georgia Partners and Stakeholders: Mark your calendars for our Lunch and Learn taking place July 21st from 12 to 12:45. We launched Resilient Georgia Lunch and Learn series this year to provide a place for our regional coalition partners, peers, and stakeholders to share opportunities for partnership across the state. Next month will feature Sewn Arts . Sewn Arts is a nonprofit organization working throughout Georgia...

Rally for House Bill 914: Support our Direct Care Workforce

Thank you to everyone who reached out to legislators for our rally day on House Bill 914 Support Our Direct Care Workforce! A special thanks to Lutheran Family Services , Universal Mental Health Services , Alexander Youth Network , A Small Miracle and ACI-Dungarvin (North Carolina) , for having attendees who came to the legislature! If we missed anyone else who came to Raleigh, we apologize and hope you will let us know you were there! We had a fantastic press conference with Representative...

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