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April 2022

Benchmarks' CQi Staff Take a Daring Journey to Leadership

Over the last year Benchmarks’ Center for Quality Integration (CQi) staff have been working through leadership training using the Brené Brown Daring to Lead book. Unlike many books on leadership, Brené tackles the concept through the lens of vulnerability and courage. Both are notions which do not typically come to mind when most people think about leadership. While the book does touch on concepts like effective supervision and management techniques, the foundations are grounded in helping...

Healthy Opportunities Pilot Launches in North Carolina

The Healthy Opportunities Pilot is one of many innovative approaches the North Carolina Department of Health and Human Services (NCDHHS) has taken in the last few years in its commitment to developing a system suited to improve the health and wellbeing of North Carolinians. Research shows that while quality medical care is critical, up to 80% of a person’s health is determined by social and environmental factors. The Healthy Opportunities pilot aims to implement a series of well researched,...

The Impact of Trauma on Physical Health

Trauma has a significant impact on many aspects of a child’s life. Trauma exposure has an effect on overall health and well-being, contributing to complications and concerns with emotional and physical health throughout the life span. Over the past twenty years, there has been more research and acknowledgement of the overall impact that trauma has from childhood through adulthood. At Benchmarks, we strive to develop and implement innovative programs and processes that mitigate the effects of...

Pamlico Child & Family Therapy - Partner Spotlight

Benchmarks’ Partnering for Excellence (PFE) project works to align local private providers, LME/MCO partners, and local Departments of Social Services, as well as the community to better address the trauma-related needs of children and families encountering the child welfare system. Research shows that addressing trauma early on is imperative to bettering the outcomes of those who have experienced it. With so many children and families having trauma exposure, we recognized a need to...

Sandhills Center Dives into TiCCA Work in the Midst of Change Whirlwinds

Change is difficult anytime an organization must undergo it, but it is doubly hard when that organization is navigating multiple systemic changes. Add in growing the organization’s number of consumers and partner agencies to the mix, and things can feel downright impossible. In the past year, North Carolina’s Local Management Entities-Managed Care Organizations (LME-MCOs) have weathered re-alignments, with some North Carolina counties choosing to shift to another LME-MCO catchment area.

Takeaways from the 2022 Kids: Empowered Communities Driving Change Conference

Benchmarks’ staff attended the virtual policy summit hosted by NC Child and the NC Essentials for Childhood Initiative on March 29 th and 30 th . The two-day conference was packed with inspirational messages from child advocates across North Carolina. After a formal opening from NC Child Executive Director, Michelle Hughes, and a moving keynote address with a call to action by Reverend Dr. Starsky Wilson of the Children’s Defense Fund, organizers from across the state came together to host...

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