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March 2023

Successful Program Planning: How to Create Focus-Driven Solutions

One of the hardest things to do in project management is to define goals and objectives for your project. While it seems like a relatively simple task, clarifying goals and objectives that directly tie to the identified problems can be particularly difficult in the beginning stages of a project. This can especially be the case in health and human service-related fields where the aims of projects are often to solve complex issues that are compounded by systemic and political barriers. Due to...

Solid Foundations Spotlight

Benchmarks’ Standardized Assessment Protocol project (SAP) would like to welcome Solid Foundations as the newest Trauma-intensive Comprehensive Clinical Assessment (TiCCA) provider! Bobby Fisher, owner of Solid Foundations stated, “Solid Foundations Counseling Center is always striving to improve our services and the care provided to our clients. Participating in the Benchmarks’ SAP allows us to expand on our Evidence Based Practices and to provide the best care to our clients and our...

Organizational Stress’ Impact in the Helping Professions

As our society and helping organizations and systems adjust to CoVID-19 being endemic to our world, the human services system continues to hear about the amount of organizational stress our systems have worked through and the impact that it has on the professionals in those systems. Much of the research and conversation around this subject includes how workers’ levels of Secondary Traumatic Stress (STS) are impacted by the level of organizational stress their agency is experiencing, as well...

Partnering with a Purpose: Creating behavioral health services for youth in foster care

The “Accessible, Quality Continuum of Behavioral Health Services” workgroup is one of the six workgroups convening monthly in the Vaya Health Pathways to Permanency project. Participants who join the monthly sessions are from across the Vaya Health catchment area and work in child welfare, Medicaid managed care, behavioral health, and child placement. This cross-system group of professionals is tasked with developing solutions to challenges identified during the beginning of the project. In...

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