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February 2024

Beyond Therapy: The Importance of Non-Clinical Recommendations in Trauma-Informed Clinical Assessments

In the realm of trauma-informed clinical assessments, there exists a profound realization: that children’s needs go beyond diagnoses and clinical treatment and that non-clinical recommendations are just as significant to a child’s day-to-day functioning and overall thriving. One striking example I have seen that came from a Trauma-intensive Comprehensive Clinical Assessment (TiCCA) that underscores this point is a simple yet impactful recommendation to rearrange a child’s bedroom. During the...

Baptist Children's Homes of North Carolina: A Legacy of Care and Commitment

For nearly 140 years, Baptist Children's Homes of North Carolina (BCH) has been a steadfast presence in the lives of countless individuals. Originating in Thomasville, NC, and now extending its reach to over three dozen locations across North Carolina, South Carolina, and Guatemala, BCH has dedicated itself to providing diverse and comprehensive programs that cater to the needs of various populations, embodying a legacy of care and commitment. Over the years, BCH has grown to include a wide...

Servant Leadership in Action

As we settle in to 2024, Benchmarks’ CQi team remains steadfast in our focus on servant leadership, which continues to inform and guide our work. Our ongoing exploration of Serve to Lead: True Lessons About Lean Organizational Leadership by Samson Floyd & Dwayne Robson leads us to evaluate the importance of foresight, awareness, persuasion, and listening in our own roles as servant-leaders. Effective leadership within organizations entails leaders who act as supportive coaches, capable...

Stress and the Heart

For many, February is the month of "love “due to its association with Valentine’s Day; red roses and pink hearts are everywhere. However, February is also Heart Health Awareness Month. The state of one’s mental health can have either a positive or negative impact on their physical health and can be considered a risk factor for heart disease and stroke. Constant stress is a contributing factor for many people who have poor mental health. Stressful situations set off a chain of events within...

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