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48-Hour Historical Trauma Specialist Certification Program- COHORT 1 & 2

New!! 48-HOUR HISTORICAL TRAUMA SPECIALIST CERTIFICATION in collaboration with THE INTERNATIONAL HISTORICAL TRAUMA ASSOCIATION We are the only entity offering a comprehensive, 48-hour Historical Trauma Specialist Certification Program. The Program is broken into 6 levels and is built on a foundation of BIPOC cultures and neurobiology. It is taught from a multicultural perspective, injecting traditions and ideology from various cultures from around the world. In this inclusive study we rely...

US government tells Arizona to remove border containers (

Author; To read the Associated Press article, please click here. The federal government is demanding the state remove double-stacked shipping containers placed to fill gaps in the wall along the U.S.-Mexico border, saying they are unauthorized and violate U.S. law. The Cocopah Indian Tribe in southwestern Arizona welcomed the call to take down the containers in the latest rift between the Biden administration and Republican-led border states over how to prevent illegal border crossings. The...

Getting Voters the Truth in a Whirlwind of Lies (

“Many new voters are to some extent tired of both parties, and a concern in this election is that they don’t believe their vote will make a difference.” ILLUSTRATION BY SURFUPVECTOR/ADOBE STOCK Author: To read Lourdes Medrano's article, please click here. In the early months of 2022, Masavi Perea counted the days until he could register to vote. Being able to cast a ballot was a major reason why the Mexico native applied for U.S. citizenship as soon as he became eligible. “I feel that my...

The Loss of Cultural Identity and Neurological Dysregulation

Pre-COVID, I was invited to speak at a conference in Flagstaff, Arizona. During lunch the organizers brought dancers from the Apache tribe to perform. What we witnessed was so powerful and moving, that it prompted me to inquire about the spiritual significance of the songs and dance. They explained to me that after going to war, the warriors returned to their land and were gathered together to perform that particular dance and song. As a tribal African woman, it all made perfect sense. As...

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