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Plans afoot to bring stability to PACEs Connection

To all of you, who, like me, love this website and want to see it and its communities flourish as we work to prevent and heal trauma; build resiliency: please know there is a move afoot by a small group of strategic partners to find a suitable host for PACEs Connection. More will be announced in the coming days. In the meantime, friends, we are figuring out email addresses and other communications logistics and opportunities. PEACE! Carey Sipp, former director of strategic partnerships ...

My SPARK Learning Lab

Hello ACES IN Coalition! I am new member of this community and I would love to let you all know about my work in the state. As the Sr. Mental Health and Wellness Specialist for SPARK Indiana , my team and I are providing robust mental health and wellness professional learning opportunities for educators and leadership who serve children and families birth-5yrs. My SPARK Learning Lab offers a plethora of supportive pathways and we would love your support in sharing all available. If you have...

Trauma-Informed Criminal Justice with Special Guest, Becky Haas, Pioneer in Developing Trauma-Informed Judicial Initiatives

Please join us for our new series entitled: Trauma-Informed Criminal Justice. This monthly virtual Zoom series will feature conversations facilitated by Dr. Porter Jennings-McGarity, PhD/LCSW, PACEs Connection’s criminal justice consultant, with special guests to discuss the need for trauma-informed criminal justice system reform. Using a PACEs-science lens, this series will examine the relationship between trauma and the criminal justice system, what needs changing, and strategies being...

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