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Model Minority Myth

The Model Minority Myth is a model that stems from various false beliefs about the Asian American culture. This term debunks the fact that Asian Americans are the thriving force within America culture, both in society and the workforce. These stereotypes coincide with the belief that Asian Americans are “the smartest” culture in industries of Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM). The terms reveal that this culture is the leading force, and trumps other cultures. It is a definition that initiates the reasoning behind advocating for the true Asian culture and their traditions in the United States.

The Model Minority dismisses the fact that others see the Asian American culture as a culture that leads in various capacities. For example, an Asian American student is expected to be at the top of his or her class, or their culture will be misrepresented. Another example is a myth that the Asian American culture’s food experience is linked specific to “Asian cuisine.” Nevertheless, this culture has worked to build a reputation that will allow them to work and study, while becoming a leading force within their career industry.

In fact, this population has the highest rate of suicide among adults ages 18-21 years old (Blackburn, 2019). There has been a major amount of stress and burden on these individuals to successfully thrive in STEM careers. This brings into account the salary cap for working professionals of Asian American descent. Blackburn (2019), states that for every salary increase for a Caucasian American male, an Asian American Indian woman earns a quarter more. Furthermore, the Model Minority Myth works to decrease stereotypes, and improve the image of Asian Americans in society.

Common stereotypes of this culture include this population participating in martial arts, or being an established nail technician. This stereotypical worldview of the Asian culture places them at the forefront of judgment when viewed by those who have a lack of knowledge regarding specific cultural practices of this particular group. The Model sense to improve prejudices that this culture experiences, in both their social and working environment. Furthermore, the concept increases the need for advancement and belonging within the United States. Blackburn (2019), notes that 1 in 7 Asian Americans are not United States citizens. Today, this group is thriving more than ever within the American tradition.

Altogether, the Model Minority Myth explains the need for less stereotypes and racist remarks against this culture. This concept creates colorism and competition among minority groups, while Asian Americans are thriving. As a past adjunct professor, I have understood the importance of the Asian culture, and decreasing prejudices on this group. In addition to providing them with opportunities to advance in today’s society. Lastly, it is paramount for professionals to have knowledge about both Asian Americans and Pacific Islanders to understand their culture, and provide additional opportunities for them to thrive in today’s society.

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