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All Children Excel (ACE) Nashville (TN)

The mission of ACE Nashville is to prevent and mitigate the lifelong impact of childhood adversity to improve the safety, health and prosperity of our community. Our vision is for Nashville, and Tennessee, to be a safe, stable, and nurturing community for all.

Peace Corners: Creating Safe Space for Reflection

A peace corner in every classroom is just one of the trauma-informed practices implemented school-wide at our pilot school and 10 focus schools in Nashville Public Schools. We aim to mitigate the impacts of adversity and toxic stress for ALL students!

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Teachers are trained to implement the space with intentional structure and procedures, which  are pre-taught and practiced with the whole class.  For example, as a universal strategy any student may visit the space up to twice per day for 5 minutes (use of a timer is critical so they know it's not the Hotel California where they can check in and never leave). As an adult, I need (at least) two 5-minute breaks per day, and this is reasonable for any student even if they are using the space to briefly escape work. It also allows students to return from the Peace Corner more focused and available for learning--and thus encourages students to be more efficient learners.  Of course, for students who really struggle with self-regulation or who are experiencing a lot of stress, the timer may be reset a few times to allow more time, or they may be permitted more visits per day as needed.

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