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Good morning, I am the director of EmpowerSurvivors
( which is a nonprofit located at
1940 Greeley Street, South, Suite 210 in Stillwater, MN that serves survivors of childhood sexual abuse through peer support groups, programs, and classes.
We are currently looking for volunteer mental health professionals, holistic health providers, drug and alcohol counselors, etc to come to be our guests on our Monday evening Zoom program, Conversations With Evey & Elizabeth. This is a weekly Zoom program (6:00 pm central - 7:30 pm central) where we have topics of interest for those we serve.
Typically guests will speak on a topic for roughly 30 - 45 minutes and then open segment to questions from survivors of childhood sexual abuse.
Currently, we are looking for mental health providers that could come as our guests to cover topics such as but not limited to :
1) EMDR Therapy - Explanation of treatment model and how it can help survivors of trauma
2)Somatic Therapy- How to release trauma from our bodies
3) Internal Family Systems - Break down of therapy and information, parts work.
4) DBT Therapy
5) Polyvagal Theory
6) Healing childhood trauma, specifically childhood sexual abuse.
7) How to address sexual dysfunction, relationships, etc.
8) Healthy boundaries
9) Holistic health practices
10) Disassociation
11) Helping your partner understand the mind of a survivor, common reactions to unprocessed trauma, etc.
12) How to get out of the fight, flight, or freeze response
In return for your service, we will promote your work, agency, etc. Generally, we have small groups and you may be aiding in the healing of survivors who may otherwise not have access to services.
If this is something you would like to participate in we would love to hear from you! Please email topic proposal, bio, Monday evening availability, contact information, and questions, etc to Evey, our Class Coordinator at:
More about EmpowerSurvivors,
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