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EmpowerSurvivors is currently booking guests for our upcoming EmpowerSurvivor Zooom program, Conversations With Elizabeth.
Conversations With Elizabeth is a 90-minute program held on Monday evenings, via Zoom, that supports survivors of childhood sexual trauma, promotes mental health, and covers topics of healing, wellness, recovery, etc.
If you are a professional, mental health therapist, holistic health practitioner, attorney for survivors of child abuse, etc. we would love to have you!
Topics we are especially interested in are:
* Internal Family Systems
* Nutritional Health to help with depression
* Healing from sexual trauma
* Family Law & Legal Rights for survivors
* System Regulation
* How to deal with flashbacks, intrusive thoughts, nightmares, etc.
* Different modalities of healing
* Healthy Boundaries
* Toxic relationships
* Borderline Personality Disorder
* Dissociative identity disorder ( DID)
* Sexual health and relationships after rape
* etc.
EmpowerSurvivors is a Minnesota nonprofit that serves those affected by childhood sexual abuse and trauma. Find out more by visiting our website at
Interested individuals can email Elizabeth at
Please supply your bio, the topic of interest, and why you would make a great guest!


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  • Conversations With Elizabeth: Supporting survivors of childhood sexual trauma since 2014
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Family law, System regulation are two topics of interest.

Family law with a focus on the child. Prevention from childhood trauma; prevention being key.  What changes in the laws & regulations need to be presented to legislatures that will be supported and passed?  Drive results to childhood drama prevention.  Goal to have new laws in place with the focus on the child and the best preventive measures.  Looked at impartially having the childs' needs first causing a positive effect on the child/children.

The Child custody system would benefit from defining their current system, defining barriers and other common issues that are hard to negotiate.  Have a meeting of the minds for preventive measures to protect the child.  Ther are millions of men involved in retaining custody.  The PACE board having more men would insure another POV. looking at all perspectives.

Men and women are active in a costly pursuit to keep their children in their lives.  The child suffers a gambit of trauma being put in the middle between two people they love.

Revamp the custody system for the children.

Love..." We support communities to accelerate the science of positive and adverse childhood experiences to solve our most intractable problems." 

Thank you,

Char Mellace

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