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My new book "The ACEs Revolution" was just published here in Nashville. It is up on CreateSpace and Amazon and is available as a Kindle as well.  Would love your opinion...

Given that there is so much about The ACE Study as science, I have focused more on the impact on ALL of our lives...even those who are ZEROs, and predominately on HOPE and what a Caring family looks like, feels like, talks about and does their children.

Without HOPE for the future...ACE scores are simply a scorecard of sadness.  My adopted 18 year old granddaughter has made this VERY PERSONAL for me.  She is a 7...but says she feels like a ZERO since my son adopted her and her brother 9 years ago.  Fact not Fate is a reality for her.

Hearing so much about resilience these days, as she and I talked about coming out of the shadows, we decided to create a website called NoACEs.CLUB. It is a very secure site where people can tell their story...and make the first step toward Resilience.  I guide students there when I speak and gives them connections to the state of Tennessee ACE report and also a link to take the ACE test.

We posted a song I wrote for her to sing on NoACEs.CLUB...after my wife told me what they talked about at lunch one day. As a junior in High School she was trying to decide how badly she needed to be with the "cool kids" who were starting to drink and smoke.  The song is called Right is Right!  The words are something every middle school thru College student should hear.  Her voice will knock your heart for a loop...still makes me cry.  It is free.  She wants to start a club at the University of Illinois call NoACES.CLUB to reach out to those who have not found someone to care...YET. The site also has a link to take the ACE Test.  Any thoughts about that?  Would love to start NoACEs.CLUB at ALL schools so students wouldn't feel so alone....




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Here is a link to my book at Create Space...thanks for suggesting it!

CreateSpace eStore:

The ACEs Revolution! 

I encourage readers to read the book out loud together from page 15.  I have been told repeatedly that wonderful family discussions will happen when you have the courage to do it.  ACE prevention... and healing begins right there!      NoACES.CLUB

The Greatful Dad!

John, You might try sending Jane a "Private Message". When you sign in, click on your name in the upper right corner of the screen, and scroll down to "private messages" and/or "alerts". I hope you get a reply to your query. If you [later] see a Red Circle with a number in it, in either the "Alerts" or "Private Messages" column, it may be Jane's reply.... Best Regards, Bob Olcott

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