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What are you top tips to building your for profit business while supporting PACES initiatives? I want to revamp my business to support a bigger cause that I believe deeply in. I would love to hear from any entrepreneurs/organizations that are excited about the progress they have made, and especially from those that:

1) Have come from a first hand experience of healing from adverse childhood experiences

2) Are able to prioritize a balanced healthy sustainable lifestyle (keep any martyring habits in check)

3) Still actively "doing their own work" as opposed to having "arrived"

4) Are open to collaborating in "out of the box" ways

Thank you for taking a read and considering helping me out.

Crystal Young, Natural Strength Coaching,  403 585 7991,

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Crystal - First, thank you for such a great question! I hope other business owners will take cues from you.

It would likely serve you well to take our Creating Resilient Communities (CRC) trainings. Also, you'd  probably gain a lot from the 'Creating Partnerships on the Path to A Just Society" workshop I lead as part of our workshops available to people who've moved through the CRC trainings.

Also, check your state's communities here to see if there's a community with which you can connect. If not, you can learn how to start one and connect to others from around the country who're wanting to create initiatives in their geographic area  in the CRC trainings.

Best of luck to you!


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