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Our training team met today and we were discussing ways to help various groups understand the need for becoming trauma-informed. We have a copy of Resilience that we have been showing in the community. The question was raised whether there was something similar that might speak to the law enforcement community or other communities such as faith and health communities.

Thanks in advance for your thoughts!


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I work for the Houston Police Department. We were one of five departments that received a Collective Healing demonstration grant from the International Association of Chiefs of Police (a subgrant from a larger amount they received from DOJ/OVC) to help make our departments more trauma-informed. The Vicarious Trauma Toolkit is a great place to start for law enforcement. You can access it here:

Don't hesitate to reach out if I can answer any additional questions about our work or connect you with others who were involved in this effort.


Hello Keith,

Sounds like great work you are involved in!  If often recommend a documentary film SAMHSA developed called "Healing Neen".  I believe you can contact SAMHSA to obtain a copy (might be a cost involved) or 25 minutes of it is on YouTube.  Neen's story clearly explains the connection between trauma, drugs and the criminal justice system.  I learned about ACEs in 2014 while working for police to reduce drug related and violent crime and among the many sector specific trainings I developed and (it has been POST Certified three years now in TN) is one called Trauma Informed Policing.  I've delivered it to dozens of police departments in multiple states including the OK City PD and the TN Association of Chiefs of Police for helping train officers statewide in TN.  I have a companion leadership session, train the trainer and trauma informed policing/sexual assault cases.  You can learn more on my website at  So wonderful to see you are including members of law enforcement in your outreach.



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