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My name is Max Taylor. I am a mental health operations consultant with Neuroclastic, a peer-led mental health advocacy and peer support nonprofit.

I'm currently conducting a study looking at how mental health service providers shop for the continuing education modules (CEUs, etc.) needed to fulfill their licensing requirements.

I am looking for service providers or organization directors interested in participating in one-on-one 20 minute informational interviews about this topic . Am aiming to include perspectives from the full range of licensed professionals. That might include....

Counselor/Therapist (LPC, LMFT, LCADAC, etc.)

Social Worker (LCSW, LICSW, etc.)

Behavior Analyst (BCBA, etc.)

Peer Specialist (PSS, PWS, etc.)

Psychiatrist (Psy.D, etc.)

Other Licensed Groups Not Listed Above.

I'd love to hear what you like, hate, and wish you could change about the suite of continuing education courses on offer and the process of finding and selecting those courses.

If interested, please contact me at

- Max Taylor

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