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The American Rescue Plan Act total of about $1.9 trillion included $350 billion in funding to states, metropolitan cities, non entitlement units of local government, territories, tribal governments, and counties to mitigate the fiscal effects stemming from COVID-19. Since the funding was announced in March, the Campaign for Trauma-Informed Policy and Practice (CTIPP) and PACEs Connection have continued to offer what we hope is helpful information, and to look for success stories of states, communities, and organizations securing funding to support trauma-informed work.
It is important that trauma-informed organizations receive this funding, as we believe healing-centered and trauma-informed entities will have the greatest impact with these one-time dollars allocated. And we want the reputation of trauma-informed entities to go forward as being wise investments as policymakers and funders allocate these and other funds.
We are wondering if you have submitted requests to your local officials  -- county or parish managers, commissioners, or others -- and if so, how has this gone? Have you or others you know secured funding? If you don't want to post your answer here, please answer a two questions on this confidential questionnaire.
We are hoping to share the success of those who are willing to inspire others to advocate for funding to develop trauma-informed, resilience-focused, and healing-centered responses to the pandemic.
Thank you for all you do to prevent and heal trauma, build resilience in children, families and communities.
Jesse Kohler - CTIPP
Dan Press  - CTIPP
Carey Sipp - PACEs Connection
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We have been looking for requests for funding and still don't know how or when we can apply. There is such a great need out there for innovative ways of working together to address this public health crisis. The AmIOK program at TCNJ has been working on developing a trauma-informed campus and would like to work together with community agencies, healthcare organizations, foundations, other educational institutions, and more to create The Institute for Trauma-Informed training and Education. We need to have support to become a place of evidence-based learning, skill-building, advocacy, and healing.

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