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Hello, Community!

I am an ACE Interface Trainer. In my last training, I had a couple of participants who were curious about:

  • Why there are differences in the effects of maltreatment between different genders during development
  • What causes the pruning process (synaptic density) during puberty
    • If there are any connections with the pruning process and sexuality, gender identity, etc.).

If you have any resources of information, please share!

With Gratitude,

Uyen (-win-)

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Yes i am going to be insane enough to try a response to this very sensitive question.

Are there differences in the effect of maltreatment between genders? I would think that the core of this question is missing itself. What is gender Identity. It is the way a person feels about themselves. That is extremely subjective and very much crated by the individual in a symbiotic dance with their subjective apperception of any situation; weather this is abusive or helpful.

Our Brain adapts to its environment. This is the continued process of brain growth. Commonly  referred to a neuroplasticity these days. The more we interact with and react to situations in the same ways the stronger these connections become.

My advice would be to take a long look at Narrative therapy. I personally find it to be one of the most adaptable forms of therapy. With time we can all grow to see our interaction with the world through our Narratives and grow them to see more of the world and ourselves. 

I appreciate your response, Mark. It was a really BIG question, and I'm still trying to grasp what the seeker was hoping to understand. Luckily I was able to get some clarification ("Does shame, guilt and trauma that so many people experience at puberty with sexuality, sexual orientation and gender identity have something to do with the synaptic pruning?"). They have some background in Core Energetics, which talks about energy blocks.

Thank you for sharing your thoughts about the dance of experiences and adaptations and for highlighting Narrative therapy. I'll share it with them.

Hope you and yours are safe and well!

With Gratitude,


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