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So glad you reached out, Sue!
If you have not done so already, click on the Map the Movement tab on the PACEs Connection home screen.  There you will find a map (see below) of all the geographic communities - PLUS ACEs specific data, US laws and resolutions - and more! 

What is included in this map?

1. PACEs Connection Communities Map

  • A map of all of's geographic communities.
  • Includes a link to the community page and identifies the Community Manager.

2. Behavioral Risk Factor Surveillance System Data Map

  • A map that identifies states that have included the ACEs module in their annual BRFSS.
  • Lists the years that the data are available.
  • Provides contact information to access the data.

3. US ACEs Laws & Resolutions Map

  • A map of state laws and resolutions in the United States, from first law enacted in 2011. (Main source: National Conference of State Legislatures.)
  • Click on a state of interest to access the state data.
  • The map is updated quarterly.

map the movement 6.2021

Another option is to click on the All Communities tab on the home screen and search by state.

All communities tab

Hope this is helpful! Karen


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  • map the movement 6.2021
  • All communities tab

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