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"When the American Rescue Plan passed, proponents argued, based on a 2019 National Academies of Sciences report, that the child allowance would reduce poverty without meaningfully discouraging parental employment. Opponents, including me ( director of poverty studies and a senior fellow at the American Enterprise Institute), argued that the allowance’s short-term effects on poverty would be at least partly reversed in the long run because the allowance would lead some parents to stop working and would discourage marriage.... Federal statistics indicate that in 2021, when child allowance checks were sent out for the last six months of the year, child poverty fell from the previous year’s 9.7 percent to just 5.2 percent — the lowest rate on record. Census Bureau researchers have estimated that more than a third of that reduction was a result of the expanded child tax credit...A University of Chicago study from October 2021, led by the economists Kevin Corinth and Bruce Meyer, concluded that if the child allowance was made permanent, 1.5 million parents would stop working. As a result, rather than child poverty falling by one-third, the decline would be 22 percent.

Comment: Fiscal conservatives will always be excited to use projected data to counteract the now well proven benefits of economic support for poor families. They will forever love tax benefits for the wealthy without evaluating negative social or productivity effects.



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Agreed, Jeoffry. And it is a tragedy that so many people who fall in line with fiscal conservatives are the very people who most need the help. Growing up in a state (Georgia) and now living in a state (North Carolina) refusing Medicaid Expansion, when there are so many families that could use the help, compels me to "get political" on people far too often. But maybe not often enough.

All of us in the movement need to be advocating all the time for these life-saving changes to policy.

Policy is where the rubber meets the road. It's where kids get lunch. Families have safe, stable, affordable housing. It's where children get protected -- OR NOT.

Policy is where schools are given a free pass to teach fake history. It's where hospitals are wiped off the earth in rural counties. It's where transportation and education, job training and REAL food supports happen -- OR NOT.

People may wonder why I am so adamant about supporting the Campaign for Trauma Informed Policy and Practice -- CTIPP -- in addition to PACEs Connection. It's because we've GOT to be doing the advocacy work everywhere, all the all the time: locally; at the state level; and the national level.

Without our picking up the phone, writing the email, going to the meeting, talking to the school board, speaking to a state legislator or whomever, we're spitting in the wind with our good wishes, sad feelings, and "thoughts and prayers."

Thanks for being a voice for taking action on policy issues, Jeoff!

And thanks to our CTIPP partners for helping us better learn how to advocate for ourselves, each other, and especially the infants, children, and overwhelmed parents who have no voice at the table.

I've heard it said, "We're either at the table speaking up or we're the meal."

I believe it. If we don't show up and speak up, we're toast, and the families and children for whom we advocate are swept under the carpet.  

Carey Sipp

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