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I’m looking for recommendations for a book or books about trauma that would appeal to the non professional for a book ok group discussion.  Would love to hear your thoughts.  My favorites are “the deepest well” and “The Body Keeps the Score”, but I’m a therapist.  Thank you.

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I loved reading Dr. Jame’s Doty, “Into the Magic Shop”. On first blush someone may not think it’s related to trauma, it is an auto biography, but it it is and is one of the most inspiring books I’ve read on resilience and compassion.

Three book suggestions: "Happiness is Running Through the Streets to Find You: Translating Trauma's Harsh Legacy into Healing" by Holly Elissa Bruno (autobiographical) and "Garbage Bag Suitcase" by Shenandoah Chefalo (autobiographical focus on experience of child in foster care system) and of course, "What Happened to You?" by Dr. Bruce Perry and Oprah Winfrey

Hi Elaine,  I recently published a book about my trauma healing and recovery journey, titled: It's Not About Food, Drugs, or Alcohol: It's About Healing Complex PTSD.   It's a blending of memoir, science-based research, and a step-by-step
Complex PTSD workbook and recovery guide to ending the struggle with food, weight, substances, and close relationships by healing the root cause.

I purposely have made it super user-friendly.  Here is the Amazon link:

You'll find the "Look Inside" feature on Amazon to get a feel for the table of contents.  Feel free to reach out with any questions.  Best, Mary

My Grandmother’s Hands was a tough read, but really opened my eyes and gave me a deeper understanding of generational trauma & racism.

This book also has very good techniques and grounding strategies that can be applied to all trauma healing.

Hi all, thank you for the suggestions; all of them are really helpful and would have thanks each of you, but somehow couldn't figure out how to reply to each person (smh).  Elizabeth, I have read your book Survivor Cafe and used it we did a panel on Intergenerational Trauma after viewing your YouTube discussion.

Mary, I'm anxious to read your book.  Again, thank you all!

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