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Laura Brandao – Morning Affirmations; Thrive Thursdays; Achieving Success by saying YES; and Mindset Shifts

Laura Brandao’s passion and purpose in life is to inspire, encourage and empower people to rise up to be their best selves so they can live their greatest lives. The biggest lesson that she has learned? Say YES everyday!

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What are your favourite positive affirmation podcasts or apps?

Of my interviewees who have discussed positive affirmations . . . Laura talks about hers in this interview but not specific apps so you may want to reach out to her via her contact info in the show notes. I myself have created my own positive affirmations. You can see a few on my website at Home | Teri Wellbrock | Hope For Healing Start Your Healing Journey Here - scroll down about a third of the page and look for the scrolling hearts with "I AM" statements. I created them through Microsoft Word and just used photos I had taken, put them into a shape (for my case, a heart), then added statements that I wanted to use to increase positivity in my life, such as, "I am joy" and "I am peace".

I hope that helps!



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