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Reply to "New Resiliency Book for Children-Need Your Help"

Hi Everyone, 

What an incredible group this is! Thanks so much for your support! As a new indie author and publisher I'm learning as I go. One of the things I've learned this week, after posting this, is that reviews are most impactful when you purchase the book on Amazon. Which is to say, it would make a bigger impact if you purchased the book and wrote a review there. I's not as appealing as receiving a free book. 

However, I have another option. I'd be happy to send anyone who is interested a PDF of the book and then if you would like to purchase the book and write a review you can do so on Amazon located here:

Please note, this is a chapter book for 6-10 year olds so it's not as easy a read as let's say a picture book. Complex topics like grief, bullying, loss and resiliency require a different genre of literature and format, which I think this is.

This is also why it's better for me to send a PDF as I've learned the hard way that many folks in this forum are crunched for time and may or may not read the entire book. This adds up quickly as you might imagine....and I haven't quite won the lottery yet This of course can change and when it does, FREE BOOKS FOR EVERYONE!

In the meantime, please feel free to email me at and let me know if you'd like the PDF.

Thanks so much! And I'm so honored and humbled to be part of this community. 



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