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Reply to "Community Presentation"

Elaine  -

I've presented  -- many times -- the presentation Jane shared. The groups with which I've shared it LOVED it.

If you go into detail it will take an hour. I think it's best to hit the high points so you can share the videos. If you go into too much detail there won't be time for the videos. Also, you can give them the link to the presentation (as Jane shared it with you; share it in the chat if you're doing a presentation via zoom) and encourage them to go through it themselves.

If the attendees have experienced trauma, chances are very good they won't be able to take it all in -- especially people who realize, as they're listening, that what they experienced in childhood, or with their own children, was/is trauma.  That's why it needs to be shared as a link, so they can go back through it alone. Also, it's why I encouraged the members of communities I've worked with to imagine themselves sharing the presentation -- with their community of faith, Rotary Club, PTA, hospital board, city council, county commissioners, alumni association, professional association, etc. If they imagine themselves presenting it as I am presenting it to them, it might give them a glimpse of themselves as being able to use their story and this information to be of service in preventing and healing trauma, building resilience. That may sound strange, but I think people glimpsing their future selves sharing this information helps start the healing.

If it's a community that has a PACEs Connection website, and the presenter gets to add their having given the presentation to their presentation tracker, all the better. As you share it, I hope you'll track your sharing of it!



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