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Reply to "ACES increase in the community"

Hi Aimee, Great question! You are correct that there are differences that distinguish rural communities from suburban/urban and other communities.

Folks from the Mid-Valley Community Connections near Salem OR are leading interesting efforts by engaging the community - from youth leaders, school board leaders, health care professionals and others. One area they have excelled at is using "community cafes" (the plan was in person, pre-covid, and they have adapted to a virtual model) to holistically address suicide prevention and support among members of the community. If you click on the community page linked above you will find the contact information for the two key community managers!

Additionally, PACEs Connection developed a roadmap to support folks who are seeking to grow momentum for their local efforts Growing Your Resilient Community.  There is no need to reinvent the wheel! Learning from folks from across the US and beyond have contributed "lessons learned" to these resources! *Start and Grow your PACEs Initative can be found on the PACEs Connection home page - on the righthand column - scroll way down to find this widget (e.g. text box):

Growing Resilient Communities

I hope this is helpful!

Please know too, that below the widget (copied above) is a list of PACEs Connection staff - by geographic area! Check out the list and reach out! We are here to support your good work!

Karen Clemmer


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