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Donations List 2020

Carey Sipp member profile portraitCarey S. Sipp (PACEs Connection Staff)

Thanks to the donations of scores of PACEs Connection donors, and the matching grant offered by an anonymous donor for whom we are extremely grateful, PACEs Connection has raised $100,000 in its first-ever fundraising campaign.

PACEs Changemakers Matching Grant Campaign Donors

Adriana van Altvorst
Adrienne B. Elder
Alison Lobb
Allan & Carola Friesen
Allen Nishikawa
Amanda Coggin
Amit Janco
Archana Gupta
Asha Immanuelle
Asli Kivion

Barbara Cady
Barbara J Franco
Becky Haas
Betsy Knight
Betty Devine
Bickley Wilson
Brigid McCaw

Calista Scott
Candace White
Carey Sipp
Carlene Przykucki
Carol Dolan
Carol Koepp
Carolyn Curtis
Carrie Jensen
Charity Cornet-Barnhart
Cherri Pruitt
Christina Algeciras
Christina Bethell
Christine Brugler
Christine Hoepfner
Christine Noble-Power
Christopher Freeze
Cissy White
Courtney Ham
Cristina Buss

Dale Bordelon
Dale Coupland
Dan & Cherie Porter
David Cote
Deanna Berry
Deanne Tibbitts
Deborah Bock
Dena Klein
Denise Busley
Dianne Couts
Don Steffen
Donald Spachman
Donielle Prince
Donn Reid
Donna Culver
Doreen Downs
Dustin Springer

Edward McKinley
Elaine Spicer
Elizabeth Meeker
Elizabeth Prewitt
Ellen Fink-Samnick
Ellen Smith
Emily Daniels
Erin Myers
Esther Gilbert
Felicia Bellows
Fitzroy Lewis

Gai Klass
Gail Kennedy
George Jagatic
Gretchen Nash-Gardner

Harise Stein
Harriet Mall, Ph.D.
Heather Gillis
Heather Preston
Hollis Clapp

Ingrid Cockhren

James Encinas
Jane Stevens
Janet and Louis Frase
Jean Sullivan
Jenna Quinn
Jennifer Nanda
Jeoffry Gordon
Jessie Graham
Jim Sporleder
Jim Wall
Joan Caley
Joe Barnhart
Joel Fein
John Soghigian
Joni Cash
Judith Lipson
Judy Knapp
Julie Cohen

Kaliopee Fiske
Karen Clemmer
Karen Johnson
Karen White
Kassie Gada
Katherine Lucatorto
Kathleen Cole
Kay Reed
Keith Bailey
Kristen Allott
Laura Dennis
Laura Gilchrist
Laura Hogan
Laura Pinhey
Laura Piscitello
Leslie Leff
Leslie Lieberman
Linda Calvert PhD
Linda Kauffer
Linda Manaugh
Lisa Frederiksen
Lisa Reagan
Lori Fougerousse
Lynda Mallory
Lynn Boyd
Lynn Mumma
Lynn Sharpe Underwood

Madison McHugh
Margaret Fonseca
Margaret Sipple
Maria Manna
Mary Clare Reidy
Mary Giuliani
Maxine Barish-Wreden
Melanie Pollard
Michael Fasher
Michael Skoler
Michelle Quinn
Morgan Vien
Myra Sabir

Nanci Perocchi
Natalie Audage
Nathan Epps
Nicole Kilburg
Nina Esaki
Noel Schwartz

Peter Chiavetta
Peyton Rardin
Priti Irani
Potts Family Foundation

Rachel Allen
Ramona Danielson
Rebecca Lemanski
Rebecca Parton
Regina McCarthy
Rene Line
Renée Wilson-Simmons
Rika Alvo
Risa Bernasconi
Robert Quinn
Roberta C Churchill
Robin Cogan
Rose Fonseca

Sam Henry
Sarah H Waite
Sarah Wilkinson
Scott Frost
Sebern Fisher
Sharon Lockhart-Carter
Shay Seaborne
Sherri Sharkins
Simon Mundy
Skye Baloo
Stephanie Covington
Steve Wirtz, PhD
Steven Brown
Sue Adams
Susan Delucchi

Tasneem Ismailji
Teri Wellbrock
Theresa Barila
Tim Hamming
Tim Wheatley
Tracy Fauver
Trevor Storrs

Vic Compher

Wendie Skala
William Emmet

“We are over the moon excited about the participation of our members, and are thrilled to have achieved the matching amount of $50,000. Your helping us reach this goal means we were able to double your donations. I hope you are celebrating with us!” said Jane Stevens, founder and publisher of PACEs Connection.

As of February 1, the campaign was complete for online giving. The numbers were impressive as a steady stream of donations came in throughout the campaign.

“With these funds we will continue our grassroots work to help local communities start and grow ACEs science initiatives, initiatives that will help community members come together to solve our most intractable problems,” said Stevens.

“Many pioneers in the ACEs movement have made stunning progress,” she continued, citing examples that are providing ideas and guidance for other pioneers:

“More than 350 geographic communities (and growing!) are in the process of integrating policies and practices based on the science of positive and adverse childhood experiences," said Stevens, adding, "They will multiply these remarkable achievements across all organizations and sectors to create healing-centered communities.

"This is a time of great change in our nation, our world. Our donors are on the leading edge of that change, helping us support more than 400 communities (including interest-based communities) that are leading the way toward a more compassionate, accepting world where all people thrive,” said Stevens.

Your gift is still and always welcomed and may be made online by clicking here. For information about mailing a donation, please contact Carey Sipp at Again, thank you for being with us!

Questions about giving or the Changemaker Matching Grant campaign? Please reach out to Carey Sipp at

Again, thank you for being with us!

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