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YRN Steering Committee Meeting Notes, March 10, 2016

YRN Steering Committee

First Five

Woodland, CA



Attending: Tracy, Anna, Julie, Regan, Jessica, Emily Kochly

Alice Magnusson (, Alison (, Trisha Luciano, Public Defenders office Juvenile court (,

Mindfulness Moment –

Recap/Debrief February Community Meeting – Trauma informed – what does that mean? If using that term how can we have an oversight or criteria for using term. Plan – research and discuss at next SC meeting. Also identify others in community as trauma resources, people using the term or identifying themselves as trauma informed – potential resources vs need to let community know they are not associated with us if they are not truly TI. Challenges – how to spread word in community meetings, how to engage the energy of those who come to us, especially between meetings. One tool Paper Tigers can give and they can view and start a discussion. Facebook – way to get info out and can link to website when blog posted

General Planning

  • Upcoming Events – Resilience film in April. Available to ACE Connection members on 4/10 through internet. Need to check with Jane about this. Plan neighborhood home movie to show with friends and neighbors. Also work with Sac ACEs for bringing it to Crest also.

Plan - Table top Presentation (Julie to work on this)– trying to work with Wendi at Sac ACEs and Kaiser to create. We need to decide where to house any handouts, etc we have . Out line for presentation
1. Introduce,
2. Why ACES/Resilience/Selfcare are important
3. Resources and 1-2 simple ideas to put into action (like the feeling bulls-eye, deep breathing apps)
4. Find champions and help identify how we can support them.

  • Organizational updates – adding members to SC, group structure

How often to have Community Events - sync with current meetings/activities, so not need to add something else- – ex, child abuse, mental health month, men’s health month, Aug beginning of school things, PLAN – find groups to sync with and send out request to participate in them.

New folks – Welcome kit with survey what they want to do, invite to participate by group based on their interest, invite to next community synced event,

SC – ok to have come if want to be interested in helping a lot, but some may want to just focus on AG. Allow SC meeting to be open so folks can come together and be part of the community

Continue look for champions, and then support them


Assets map – capture who we’ve interacted with and what is going on next. PLAN – update by AG, review every SC mtg. Need to make it easier (ask Jane and Gail) think you need to share and save. Plan to send link again (Gail send out, all fill in in their area).

Action Group updates (brief updates on meetings, plans, etc)

What is the best use of the AG time at SC meeting – help and support each other vs break outs. Newer AG feel can use the help.

  • Community Outreach and Events
  • Community Resources
  • Trauma Informed Schools - King in Davis planning becoming TI, Mindfulness at Montgomery, Washington in WS – Parent university Alice will have some info. 4/27 Alice doing training at Westfield Elementary. Plan - AG meeting to plan
  • Trauma Informed Healthcare – Anna - ACES 101 at CommuniCare Plan start prenatal education group work toward trauma informed for patients entire experience starting with organizational process and re-writing protocols. May be able to document the process to share with other healthcare organizations (based on SF Dept Public Health process). Tracy at Dignity very receptive, want to get into OB/GYN and identify champions there as well as the Peds group. Plan – bring someone here to share how it’s been integrated into their practice, to share how they integrated TI healthcare. Try get CEs. Specialty clinic specific.
  • HHS/Child Welfare - Trauma informed is one of the goals for strategic plans, Plan – need training for staff. Secondary trauma. May Nurse week – ACES impact on nursing with CE. Need self care aspect to presentation (45 minute speaker or activity)
  • Early Care & Education Regan – reach out to folks. Teacher trainings with pre-schools.
  • Interfaith – Check in with Patty and see about having an interfaith meeting at her home to present ACEs, see what is going on in community and what they need. Find champions
  • Justice System Emily Plan - How Trauma informed helps criminal justice, may have extra spaces to get others in training. Starting pilot program in jail for inmates with tablets – will come back to get info and resources to put on tablets for inmates. Captain interested in art class of mental health inmates (hope volunteer based – low cost). Juvenile hall uses TANA associated with UCD Chicano Studies (Jessica .
  • Community Voice – Yoga group getting started. Lucy and Julie finding Trauma Sensitive Yoga info to share with community and see what the community has and what they need. Hope to meet with them in April. Need work on getting more civic involvement
  • Business

Next meeting 4/14/16 3pm at First 5.
My notes - Misc

Gail – Resilience film

AG – Community Voice & Interfaith – Lucy?

Where to house stuff – cards, table top presentation, binder

SC – Operational group? Need to reconsider or just get active

Ask about putting organizations/businesses that members are associate with on our website (widget)

Meeting – Have community meeting more often since folks want to be involved.
Alternate ACEs presentation with community update and link with ACEs: Example Empower Yolo, YCRC, CASA, etc with presentation like Susan’s which is more directly about ACEs

Bring a quest – get guest and those signed up if they can be more involved.

Wellness – how to facilitate in business/organizations – simple ideas (feelings wheel, walk groups, mindfulness practices.
“Take a Moment” type campaign. Provide multiple ways – some talk but also some just physical.

Outreach template

Gather info – approach group – introduce trauma informed/ACEs/Resilience – identify what is going on in the community – ask what they want, get their ideas and buy in – bring someone to train the trainers (like in the schools).

Always come introduce and emphasize self-help – value each person

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