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2 Webinars from Strategies 2.0

Empower Latin American Communities to Prevent Sex Trafficking

10am to 11:30am on 6/13/19

A 90-minute webinar focusing on the scope and overview of sex trafficking of Mexico and Latin America and how it connects to the United States. This webinar will increase awareness of the vulnerabilities Spanish-speaking populations face, increase access to human trafficking victim and survivor services, and highlight resources/tools to educate Mexican and Latin American communities. Weaving in theory accompanied by direct application for professionals’ immediate use.

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Engaging Fathers in Practice

10am to 11:30am on 6/25/19

The 90-minute webinar will introduce family support practitioners and agencies to best practices and strategies to engage fathers and men in support services. Participants will gain specific engagement strategies that can be used to increase positive and meaningful interactions with fathers, discuss bias and attitudes that exist towards fathers in support services, and review research that supports overall father involvement.

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