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Washington State ACEs Action (WA)

A forum to inform and connect individuals and communities working to promote safe, stable, nurturing relationships and environments and prevent and mitigate ACEs in Washington State.

Sequim Mayor and City Council Proclamation of October as Resiliency Month



WHEREAS, there is compelling scientific evidence of a correlation between negative childhood experiences known as Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACEs) or “toxic stress”, and

WHEREAS, Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACEs) include such experiences as physical, sexual, or verbal abuse, physical and emotional neglect, witnessing domestic violence, losing a parent to separation or divorce or having a family member who is: experiencing mental health issues, struggling with substance abuse, and/or incarcerated, and

WHEREAS, there is significant scientific evidence that sources of “toxic stress” may also include poverty, experiences of homelessness, and historical, structural, or community experiences of trauma such as racism, sexism, homophobia, slavery, colonization, community violence, natural disasters, and

WHEREAS, in Clallam County 62% of residents report having experienced at least 1 ACE, and over 33% of residents report having 3 or more ACEs, and research indicates the more “toxic stress” a person has experienced, the greater his/her risk of social, emotional, behavioral, and physical health challenges, leading to school suspension, increased dropout rates, expulsion, tardiness and absenteeism, bullying, unemployment, decreased functional work days, homelessness, incarceration, domestic violence, chronic disease, and substance abuse, and

WHEREAS, ACEs are at the root of our most costly community issues, associated with 78% of IV drug use, 69% of mental illness, 67% of suicide attempts, 65% of alcoholism, 62% of domestic violence & homelessness, 61% of adult incarceration, 54% of prescription drug abuse, 26% of cardiovascular disease, 24% of cancer, 17% of asthma, and 15% of diabetes, and

WHEREAS, resiliency is the antidote and there is compelling scientific evidence that, being able to rely on relationships to access resources and support in the moment of need, can transform a potentially toxic experience into a tolerable one, and

WHEREAS, resiliency needs to be nurtured throughout the life-span and is built through supportive relationships with caring adults and experiences that strengthen our core adaptive skills, including regulating emotions, managing stress, planning, mental flexibility, decision making, creating/sustaining relationships, and

WHEREAS, local leaders from Children’s Youth and Family Services, Clallam County Health and Human Services, Clallam County’s Prosecutor’s Office, First Step Family Support Center, Jamestown Family Health Clinic, Little Rhythms Learning Center, Lower Elwha Klallam Tribe, Lutheran Community Services, North Olympic Healthcare Network, Parenting Matters Foundation, Port Angeles School District, Prevention Works!, Quillayute Valley School District, Salish FYSPRT, United Way of Clallam County, Washington State Department of Health, Washington State University Extension support the formation, and

WHEREAS, Clallam Resiliency Project has a vision of a community where each person flourishes and all parents raise their children with consistency and nurturance to develop resilience, with the goal to mobilize our community through dialogue and action to prevent ACEs in the next generation through building individual and community resilience.

NOW, THEREFORE we the City Council of Sequim, WA, do hereby proclaim October of 2019 to be the annual 


And urge all our residents to become informed about ACEs and their impact on development and long-term health outcomes, to integrate these principles into our everyday work and practice, and to otherwise support the work of the Clallam Resilience Project as a community of hope and healing.

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