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A forum to inform and connect individuals and communities working to promote safe, stable, nurturing relationships and environments and prevent and mitigate ACEs in Washington State.

Beyond Paper Tigers Conference LIVE webinar June 24-25


CRI is proud to announce its 5th annual BPT Conference is going virtual. The theme this year is Resilience through Diversity: The power of trauma-informed DEI practices. 

BPT is a medium to share and learn from communities around the world. Over two days you will have the option of attending: 6 live presentations, 2 keynotes, 15 pre-recorded on-demand presentations, and on-demand screenings of 'Paper Tigers', 'Resilience' and the premiere of the documentary 'Visceral' with live Q&A sessions for each film.

So far, 2020 has been the year of adaptation and learning how to reimagine life during a pandemic. In addition to reimagining a just and equitable society in which all can thrive. According to the Public Health Institute, systemic racism is a public health crisis. Such trauma is linked to higher rates of chronic stress, mental health, chronic disease and more. Resilience is a strategy for addressing trauma, but there is no resilience without diversity. Diversity is resilience, just look to nature. Borrowing a quote from Angela Davis, "the collective self is our source of power and courage." In adrienne maree brown's book 'Emergent Strategy', she discusses collaborative ideation. The idea that the more people who co-create the future, the more people whose concerns will be addressed. We have taken this to heart and are applying it internally as well as externally. The presenters at this year's conference are sharing their diverse stories highlighting the resilience of communities in the face of trauma. 


At CRI we believe the community is the solution. However, building community is not easy and we must address the entrenched racism within ourselves and our communities. There is no liberation without education and there are no easy fixes (Angela Davis).

CRI's blueprint for building community resilience is K.I.S.SKnowledge of how our brains and bodies work and how trauma can impact them, gives us new insight to human behavior that encourages us to use healing centered strategies that will eventually replace oppressive structures and systems. 


Click here to join us and engage in a dialogue about how we can help transform our society to one that focuses on safety and connection.

Tickets are $245. If the price is prohibitive to you joining the conference, please email for sliding scale tickets.



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  • KISS: CRI's blueprint for building community resilience
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