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Walla Walla Valley PACEs Connection (WA)

November 2020

Tools to Mitigate Work Stress and Prevent Burnout: For Health Care Providers during COVID and Beyond  

Whether you work in a hospital, a safety net clinic, or in another health care setting, no health care provider working during the COVID-19 pandemic needs to read the flurry of news stories that highlight the extreme stress experienced by people in this line of work – you already know it firsthand. This webinar will introduce health care providers to the Community Resiliency Model ( CRM ), an evidence-based method of managing traumatic stress, preventing burnout and building resiliency. This...

Gratitude for our collective work locally and nationally

Hello! As we lean into Thanksgiving celebrations tomorrow, in whatever fashion we use to stay connected with family and friends even if only virtually, I want to extend my gratitude for what is happening as a result of so many communities involved in helping to make a difference via awareness, education and support for building resilience. Here is a recent example of coming together, in our community, to attempt to address issues that can divide us, or that we rise above and use to unite us.

Resource: Civil Survival

Please check out Civil Survival . Their mission: Civil Survival organizes people who have been directly impacted by the criminal justice system to build connections, gain knowledge and increase political participation . Many resources and forms are available on their website Here is a bit more of what you will find on their site - Our Work Civil Survival engages its members by conducting full-day educational Workshops followed by monthly Game Changer Group (GCG) meetings around the State of...

Online workshop Nov 30, Dev 7 & 14 - Reimagining Resilience - Through a Trauma Lens

For more information and to register - Reimagining Resilience: Using a Trauma Lens helps adults build positive relationships with children who have experienced trauma. We will explore the impact of adverse experiences and the effect they have on developing brains and student behavior. The course gives teachers, parents, and other adults working closely with kids the skills they need to make sure that every child knows that they matter. An online...

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