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Walla Walla Valley PACEs Connection (WA)

October 2020

"A Better Normal" Community Discussion: Suicide Awareness and Community Cafes

Join us on Friday November 6, 2020 from noon to 1:00 PST as we come together and join Satya Chandragiri MD, Bonnie O’Hern RN, Denise PNP, & Michael Polacek RN for a discussion around the tender issue of suicide. Together we will discuss ways people and providers can support each other and encourage communities to take action to support one another around suicide prevention, crisis intervention, and the layers of culture and structural barriers to care. A special emphasis will be on...

Clallam Resilience Project's "Take Care & Be Well" Tiny Video Series

Clallam Resilience Project is facilitating a community project to create a tiny video series called "Take Care & Be Well." The series intends to share resilience skills that community members are already using, and help identify new ones. Videos can be found on the Clallam Resilience Project website or youtube channel . What resilience skills do you practice in everyday life?

A Better Normal Community Discussion - Reimagining Health Care

In a conversational style, join physician Drew Factor who will speak with Dr. Tracy Gaudet, Liza Guroff and An é Watts in a discussion entitled "Reimagining Health Care". Dr. Gaudet will speak about her experience engaging in transformational change at the Veterans Administration and how this has shaped the development of her own Functional Medicine Institute , while Ms. Guroff and Ms. Watts will speak about their knowledge of a Trauma-Informed Approach both at a systems (National Council...

In memoriam: Jamie Redford

The news of Jamie Redford’s untimely death at age 58 is a reminder of how impermanent we each are in the universe, yet an equal reminder of the value and gifts we each bring to the world. Jamie brought many gifts to us and to the world through his documentary films, his love of nature, and his ties to family and friends. I had the privilege to meet Jamie Redford. He visited Walla Walla in 2012 on the recommendation of Jane Stevens, ACEs Connection Founder. As Jane explained, Jamie had asked...

October is for Resilience-Building

Until I read “The Deepest Well” by Dr. Nadien Burke Harris, I had never heard of Adverse Childhood Experience, toxic stress, or epigenetics. Yes, I was aware that trauma can be transferred genetically, but my knowledge stopped and ended at trauma’s impact on the body due to major world and life events. In essence, I knew of trauma’s impact of the body only in terms of contexts like slavery, 9/11, and the holocaust. I did not know that the shortening of telomeres, stunted amygdala growth, and...

A Better Normal- Education Upended, A Focus on Educator Wellness and Resilience with special guest Bryan Clement, MEd

Please join us on 10/15 along with special guest Bryan Clement, MEd from Dovetail Learning as we discuss educator well-being. Educators are being asked to learn and grow professionally and personally during this unique time. During this week's session you will explore your own self-awareness regarding your 'protective patterns' and learn practical skills for resilience to remain 'centered' while navigating telehealth support and teaching at a distance. As a trauma informed, healing centered...

NOW AVAILABLE ON DEMAND: The Repressed Role of Adverse Childhood Experiences in Adult Well-Being, Disease and Social Functioning: Turning Gold into Lead (Dr. Vincent J. Felitti) []

The ACE Study reveals how typically unrecognized adverse childhood experiences are not only common, but causally underlie a number of the most common causes of adult social malfunction, biomedical disease, and premature death. Moreover, it enables one to see that the Public Health Problem is often an individual’s attempted Solution to childhood experiences about which we keep ourselves unaware. A renowned physician and researcher, Dr. Vincent J. Felitti is one of the world’s foremost experts...

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