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October 2019

Capacity building via rocks!

On a beautiful fall Saturday at our local Farmers Market, we encouraged kids (and parents) to paint a rock, and then hide it somewhere to surprise the individual discovering the rock with its message of kindness, encouragement or even emojis! The Community is the Solution puzzle was a great conversation starter with adults, and was a natural kick-start to explaining our work!

October is Resilience Month in our Valley

CRI supported Walla Walla Clinic, Walla Walla Parks and Recreation and Michelle Coleman, LICSW, in the community event for the screening of Screenagers , a film addressing digital screen time and health issues (obesity, social isolation, mental health) in youth. CRI's resource table distributed our Practice a Resilience Strategy Every Day calendar (see it displayed in the attachment), our new Resilience across the Life Span bookmark, and other items for education and awareness. Great fun and...

Webinar Oct. 17 — Integrating ACEs science in pediatrics: Early adopters share lessons from the field

An ACEs Connection webinar co-sponsored with 4 CA In 2017, California became the first state in the country to pass a law supporting universal screening for adverse childhood experiences (ACEs) in the 5.3 million children in the state’s Medicaid program. As clinicians around California await the state’s announcement of what this new policy will entail, many are wondering what it takes to integrate ACEs science in a pediatric practice. Meet Drs. Deirdre Bernard-Pearl, R.J. Gillespie and...

How to blog about what's happening related to ACEs Science in your community

NOTE: Have you posted a 'Resilience' screening or ACEs Science conference? Attended a great trauma-informed training? Participated in a community discussion related to ACEs science? Presented about ACEs science? If so, WE WANT YOU - to write about it in a Blog Post. When you share your accomplishments, big and small with your community it documents your successes, inspires others to get involved and do more and ignites ideas in other communities! See below for tips on how to blog and a guide...

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