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Walla Walla Valley PACEs Connection (WA)

January 2021

Join the Compassion in Therapy Summit: A Free Online Training with Awake Network January 30th—February 3

The free 2021 Compassion in Therapy Summit co-produced by The Awake Network and The Center for Mindful Self-Compassion begins Saturday, January 30th! If you or someone you care about is a therapist, social worker, clinician, psychologist, counselor, or anyone else working in mental health or you want to learn more about applying self-compassion to your own well-being, please check it out below and help spread the word! Join this FREE online event and learn mindfulness, self-compassion, and...

Learning opportunities: A New Year Deserves A New Look at the Science of Trauma

A New Year Deserves A New Look at the Science of Trauma Many educators and Trauma Trainers have praised our addition of the Predicting Brain theory to our Course 1: Trauma-Informed Training. For years, trauma-informed training has included some version of the neuroscience based on the Triune Brain theory . Sense our shift to the Predicting Brain theory, we have been asked how we reconcile the two approaches. In her new book, 71/2 Lessons about the Brain , Lisa Feldman Barrett states, “we...

8th Annual October Resilience Month Reflection

Written by: India Flinchum, Whitman College Community Fellow Program The Community Resilience Initiative (CRI) of Walla Walla, hosted its 8th annual “October is Resilience Month” (ORM) event in October, 2020. The aim of the yearly ORM series is to build resilience, encourage community-engagement, and inspire self-reflection among members of the Walla Walla community. Through community events and CRI-hosted learning modules, CRI welcomed the general public once again, opening its arms to...

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