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UK visitor to learn about resilience work in Walla Walla []

By Annie Charnley Eveland | September 11, 2018 

Back in February, Tod Sullivan contacted Teri Barila, Community Resilience Initiative director in Walla Walla, to visit the Valley and see how core principles of trauma-informed practices are being applied at the community level.

Teri will host Tod, currently mental health ambassador from Lowestoft, Suffolk County, England, when he comes here to connect with Community Resilience Initiative partners.

He will be in the Valley from Sept. 24-Oct. 5 to visit as many agencies and entities as time allows, including a visit with Mayor Barbara Clark and City Manager Nabiel Shawa and many CRI partners, Teri said.


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Walla Walla's efforts under Teri Barla's leadership is an epicenter for working collaboratively to build community resilience!  Now it is so exciting to see that this work is rippling across WA state, across the US and now all the way to Suffolk County, England!  I cannot wait to hear more about Tod Sullivan's visits. As a mental health ambassador,  Tod is traveling via a Winston Churchill Memorial Trust Fellowship.  I think we are witnessing the future!  Incredible! Karen 

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