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Learning opportunities: A New Year Deserves A New Look at the Science of Trauma


A New Year Deserves A New Look at the Science of Trauma

Many educators and Trauma Trainers have praised our addition of the Predicting Brain theory to our Course 1: Trauma-Informed Training.  For years, trauma-informed training has included some version of the neuroscience based on the Triune Brain theory.  Sense our shift to the Predicting Brain theory, we have been asked how we reconcile the two approaches.  In her new book, 71/2 Lessons about the Brain, Lisa Feldman Barrett states, “we don’t have to reconcile them because one of them is wrong.”  She goes on to say that the triune brain idea is one of the most successful and widespread errors in all of science.”  The Triune Brain theory is easy to communicate but the brain doesn’t work that way.  

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