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Join the Compassion in Therapy Summit: A Free Online Training with Awake Network January 30th—February 3


The free 2021 Compassion in Therapy Summit co-produced by The Awake Network and The Center for Mindful Self-Compassion begins Saturday, January 30th!

If you or someone you care about is a therapist, social worker, clinician, psychologist, counselor, or anyone else working in mental health or you want to learn more about applying self-compassion to your own well-being, please check it out below and help spread the word!

Join this FREE online event and learn mindfulness, self-compassion, and compassion practices to help you and your clients stay grounded and resilient, during these challenging times.

Throughout the summit, we’ll be exploring the science of mindfulness, self-compassion and compassion while learning practices to support your own well-being, strengthen the therapeutic relationship, and best practices for introducing compassion-based interventions to your clients.

Register for the free online summit, beginning Jan 30 - Feb 3

You will learn from 20+ leading neuroscience researchers, compassion training experts and leaders in the field of compassion-focused therapy including our CMSC co-founders Kristin Neff and Chris Germer, CMSC Executive Director Steve Hickman, along with CMSC's SCIP Self-Compassion in Psychotherapy Certificate Program faculty experts Paul Gilbert, David Treleaven, Sydney Spears, Shari Geller, and Ravi Chandra, as well as Tara Brach, Jack Kornfield, Thupten Jinpa, Eduardo Duran, Richard Schwartz, Kelly McGonigal, and many others.

With these teachers, you’ll learn evidence-based techniques and key strategies to support you in successfully bringing compassion into psychotherapy including:

● The neurobiology of compassion

● Specific interventions for working with shame, anxiety, and relationships

● How to work with common obstacles to compassion like “backdraft”

● New insights about how to apply compassion in the treatment of trauma

● And much more!

Click here to learn more, or to sign up for the free online summit,

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