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Beyond Paper Tigers Presenter Showcase! Beyond Trauma Informed: A Deeper Dive into Trauma with Rick Griffin


How do we choose which strategy we are using to build resilience? As Oprah’s segment on 60 Minutes plunged much of the world into recognition of Trauma-Informed Care, practitioners have been tempted to move beyond the science of trauma and develop strategies to address it. Yet as we learn about the neuroscience behind ACEs and resilience, Rick Griffin- Executive Director of Jubilee Leadership Academy, CRI Master Trainer, and BPT Conference Facilitator- states it is crucial to stay within the science to understand the needs of an individual. Further, we then must dive deeper and wisely choose a strategy that matches their needs. “If we start out with a typical strategy without understanding the science, it may only be good half the time,” Rick comments. “[for example,] it may provide good connection, but not safety. We want the right strategy, at the right time.”

Rick’s conference session will give an overview of the research that has developed the strategies in CRI’s next level of Trauma-Focused courses. It will encourage practitioners to know the unique values, preferences, and circumstances of those they serve. When does a child need connection? When does a child need safety? What different strategies are imposed for adults? “A one-size fits all strategy will not work,” Rick asserts. “We want to highlight approaches, to know when they are useful and when they are not.”

For those choosing to attend this conference, it is clear that a trauma-informed approach must be integrated into our practices, programs and policies. However, it is not always clear what that means and how it can be accomplished. Reaching clarity on what trauma-informed care is, specifically, how to discern which strategy will build resilience for each unique individual, will aid educators and other practitioners in securing the well-being of the children and families with whom they work.


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