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December 2018

Patrons Can Borrow Laptops And Wifi Hotspots From Select Carnegie Libraries [WESA]

Google is piloting a laptop and wifi hotspot lending program with the Carnegie Library of Pittsburgh. People often use the library’s computers to apply for jobs, apartments or government benefits, keep up with friends and family, or for school and work. But not everyone has a schedule that allows them to do these things during library hours. “ Giving people the opportunities to take this stuff home ... work at a schedule that really meets their needs is important ,” said Toby Greenwalt, the...

Library makes free and equal access to menstrual supplies “a norm” [Sonoma West]

When Rosalie Abbott began working as a Young Adult Services Librarian at the Sebastopol Regional Library in 2017, she learned something new. “High school students, who knew me from my previous work at our local high schools, felt comfortable asking for menstrual supplies when they were in an emergency situation at the library... which turned out to be fairly often,” Abbott said. “Immediately, I had the idea of creating a space where teens could access these supplies when needed — but the...

'Library Planet' is a crowdsourced travel guide to libraries around the world [Tree Hugger]

Because who doesn't want to visit gorgeous libraries everywhere they go? Back in June, I wrote about why you should become a library tourist . Visiting libraries wherever you go is a wonderful way to get to know a city. They're also a convenient place to take a break from walking and sightseeing, to let kids recoup and use the bathroom, and to chat with locals about their recommendations for things to do. But not all libraries are created equal. They can be big, small, public, private,...

Denver PubliC Libraries are Helping Immigrants Become Citizens []

On a recent wintry night outside west Denver's Rodolfo "Corky" Gonzales Branch Library, green-card holder Ricardo Flores proved that he knows more about how the United States government works than many people who were born here. Flores, who emigrated from Mexico six years ago, studied for weeks for a 100-question civics test that will accompany his December 5th interview to become a naturalized American citizen. At the library, he aced a mock exam conducted by English instructor Joanne...

Sesame Street Resources for Families Coping After Natural Disasters

In the aftermath of recent hurricanes and wildfires, the Sesame Street in Communities team wanted to reach out to provide information on our available resources to help families cope in the aftermath of natural disasters, and other traumatic experiences. Bilingual videos, articles, printables and more, are all available for free on our website at . Here are the links to a few topic pages that may be most useful to you as you work with families in the...

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