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June 2021

New Article on Collective Trauma and Climate Change Published

Undark Magazine, which is supported by t he Knight Foundation through its Knight Science Journalism Fellowship Program, published an article last Thursday co- written by 7 members of the ITRC federal policy team that you might find of interest . It explains the urgent need to expand the U.S. approach to mental health to authorize and fund community-based initiatives to prevent and heal the individual and collective traumas generated by the climate emergency among the entire population. The...

In a Growing Campaign to Criminalize Widespread Environmental Destruction, Legal Experts Define a New Global Crime: 'Ecocide' [

By Katie Surma, Inside Climate News, June 22, 2021 A panel of 12 legal experts from around the world on Tuesday released a proposed definition for a new international crime called “ecocide” covering “severe” and “widespread or long-term environmental damage” that would be prosecuted before the International Criminal Court in the Hague, alongside genocide, crimes against humanity, war crimes and crimes of aggression. The panel’s announcement was seen by environmentalists and international...

Opinion: The Climate Emergency Calls for a New Approach to Mental Health []

By Bob Doppelt, Undark, June 24, 2021 I T WAS 80 DEGREES outside in Oregon’s Southern Willamette Valley, the record drought continued, and a red flag warning had been issued to alert residents to beware of wildfires. No, it was not autumn, when wildfire season has historically occurred in the region. It was April 16, when it should have still been cool and pouring rain outside. The surprising wildfire warning seemed to have everyone on edge, fearful about what might happen to them, their...

Planning for Climate Change and Human Mobility: The US Return to the Paris Accord on Climate Change

" In the context of the US return to the Paris Accord on Climate Change, President Joseph Biden issued an executive order (EO) requiring a multi-agency report on climate change and its impact on human mobility ( White House, 2021 ). The report is to focus on forced migration, internal displacement, and planned relocation. Among the issues the EO stipulates will be addressed are the international security implications of climate-related movement; options and mechanisms to protect and, if...

How Do Children Impacted By Wildfires Recover? A Resilient Community’s Trauma-Informed Story Of Healing

Editor’s Note: Do you have a story of a local community creating programs to help their members recover from climate change disasters? Send us your story of a resilient community to We’re honored to feature Thrive , a healing initiative of the North Valley Community Foundation (NVCF), a collaboration of people, organizations and agencies in Butte County, California, whose mission is to address the impact of trauma across generations. In the wake of the devastating...

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