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On Oysters, Humans, and Climate Change with Priya Shukla


Find support and connection this autumn with a new year long series: Climate Science for the World’s Worry.

The next workshop in this immersive series will be On Oysters, Humans, and Climate Change with Priya Shukla

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Priya Shukla will be talking about the relationship between humanity, the food we fetch from the sea, the role of oysters in our ecosystems and diets, and how climate change hangs over it all.

In coastal California, natural oyster reefs are few and far between, while oyster farms are economic engines and anchors in many rural communities.

This is particularly true in Tomales Bay, which is considered the heart of California’s oyster industry.

In addition to providing luxe oysters for human consumption, they are also beginning to use their resources to help restore the oyster reefs that once existed where their oyster baskets are now.

Join Priya to learn about what it means to do science to help climate-proof an industry that provides infrastructure to a community and may also play a pivotal role in bringing back the oysters that preceded them.

Priya Shukla is a PhD candidate in Ecology at UC Davis.

Her research explores the effects of climate change on shellfish aquaculture in California.

She is working with the Hog Island Oyster Companies to explore strategies for improving oysters’ survival in the face of climate change.

Priya also has a column with Forbes Science where she talks about climate change, ocean science, and the biodiversity crisis. Prior to beginning her PhD, Priya received her Master’s in Ecology from San Diego State University and her Bachelor’s from UC Davis in Environmental Science and Management.

This is part of the Climate Science For Our World’s Worry – The Resonance and Climate Series 2022

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