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‘Climate-Aware’ Therapy to Navigate Climate and Ecological Crisis with Caroline Hickman


Find support and connection this autumn with a new year long series on Resonance and Climate.

The next workshop in this immersive series will be ‘Climate-Aware’ Therapy to Navigate Climate and Ecological Crisis with Caroline Hickman on October 31.

Encounters with the climate and ecological crisis in the therapeutic space may be seen as overt, subtle, symbolic; personal, collective, social and global experiences.

Caroline Hickman will discuss developing a climate & bio-diversity crisis lens through which therapy can respond to these emerging concerns as well as how dreams and the imaginal are increasingly revealing what is under the surface of people’s climate distress.

We will examine a range of approaches we can use in the therapy room, at home, in school and outdoors to support clients to explore their thoughts, feelings and dreams about the climate and biodiversity crisis.

We will look at a range of practical and imaginal approaches including art, storytelling, play and personification, and explore climate-aware therapy including the move from therapeutic dyad (between therapist & client) to the therapeutic triad (between therapist, client, and the planet).

This is part of the Climate Science For Our World’s Worry – The Resonance and Climate Series 2022.

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