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Sonoma County PACEs Connection (CA)

Sonoma County PACEs Connection March Minutes


March 24th, 3-4PM via Zoom


Welcome and Introductions

Mindful Moment

Community PACES Champion

Celebrating Parents as Heroes event

ARPA update

Steering Committee

Future Meetings: In-Person, Zoom, hybrid


Partner Check-Ins

Future Agenda items

In attendance: Elizabeth Smith-SCPC Community Manager, Bryan Clement-ACES Resource Network, Renee Alger-First 5 Sonoma, Evette Minor, Lizbeth Torres-CPI, Dana Swilley-Sonoma Connect/Sonoma Unidos, Katherine Ferry-SCIHP, Irma Cuevas-Violence Prevention Partnership, Liz George-SC Perinatal Services, Jesus Aguado-SC Maternal, Child & Adolescent Health

Elizabeth led the group in a Mindful Moment

Liz George nominated Children's Museum of Sonoma County as the Community PACES Champion, they will be recognized during the April Celebrating Parents as Heroes event.

Celebrating Parents as Heroes event will be April 28th. Twenty organizations are partnering to recognize parents as heroes, to lift them up, and show them they are supported. This came from National Parent Leadership Month, where a parent nomination form was created and flyers. The Children's Museum had offered to let us use the space for the event. There will be a ceremony recognizing the parents nominated, the 20 organizations will table at the event to share resources and open doors for Positive Social Connections, there will also be a visit from Senator Mike McGuire.

Elizabeth shared she submitted for two collaborative applications on behalf of SCPC with Sonoma Connect/Sonoma Unidos and Siyan Clinical Research for ARPA funding. Evette Minor shared that she applied as well as Sonoma First 5.

In the past SCPC had a Steering Committee and this will be reinstated. Elizabeth asked if any partners were interested in joining. Please let her know if you or someone from your organization is interested.

Steering Committee duties include: 1.) coordinating committees and managing business between Sonoma County PACEs Connection meetings, 2.) facilitating regular communication between
committees, and 3.) setting monthly Sonoma County PACEs Connection meeting agendas; 4.)participating in Steering Committee Meetings (which may meet monthly); and 5.) making financial and
policy decisions on behalf of the Sonoma County PACEs Connection Coalition (hereinafter β€œCoalition”) participants.

Elizabeth reminded the group that SCPC is not a 501c(3) and that CPI (California Parent Institute/Child Parent Institute) is SCPC Fiscal Sponsor Organization.

There will NOT be an April SCPC Zoom meeting as that is the same day as the Celebrating Parents as Heroes event on April 28th.

There was discussion about whether to continue holding meetings via Zoom or go back to in person. Meetings used to be held at CPI, Lizbeth said there is a mask requirement and will check into if the space is still available. Liz George suggested the Public Heath Department and provided contact information. Others shared interest in Zoom, in-person, and hybrid with an interest in SCPC socials. Elizabeth to send a Doodle Poll to group.

Irma shared about an event on March 26th from 4-6PM in celebrating the unveiling of Santa Rosa's lowrider patrol car. This will be a great way to engage the youth by having a low rider patrol car.

Bryan Clement shared that he is no longer with Dovetail Learning and has stepped into a new role with ACES Resource Network, his new email is:

Elizabeth shared that SCPC will be a part of the Kiwani Easter Egg Hunt in Sebastopol April 16th, to provide awareness of SCPC. She also shared that she would love to partner with any other community events.

Irma shared that she would like to be put on a future agenda to share on her role as Wraparound Coordinator for Violence Prevention Partnership


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