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Sebastopol Community Needs Summit TONIGHT

Sebastopol Summit Program

4:00pm| Welcome | Una Glass, Mayor, City of Sebastopol
4:10pm| Opening Remarks | Hal Kwalwasser, Rotary Club of Sebastopol
4:25pm| Panel #1: Food & Housing
5:20pm| Panel #2: Mental Health & Schools
6:15pm| Panel #3: Environment & Community
6:50pm| Panel #4: Community Enrichment
7:20pm| Closing Remarks | Sarah Glade Gurney, Vice Mayor, City of Sebastopol
We encourage you to share with your network. See you tonight!
Check out our all-star lineup of panels, facilitators and panelists!
#1:Food & Housing| 4:25pm - 5:15pm
Arthur George
West County Homeless Advocates

Our strategies are targeted at Sebastopol specifically and West County generally. Focus on homeless services, safe parking, sanitation and hygiene, Little Homes, food programs.
Herman J. Hernandez
Los Cien Latino Leaders of Sonoma County

Los Cien advances belonging, trust and equity by engaging with our community, facilitating honest dialogue, and elevating Latinx pride and power in Sonoma County.
Ron Karp
Food for Thought

Food For Thought is a nonprofit organization dedicated to meeting the nutrition needs of people living with HIV and other serious illnesses in Sonoma County.
Tim Miller
West County Community Services

Through the work of WCCS, all youth, adults, families and seniors are afforded the opportunity to be resilient, informed and resourceful, emotionally well, and self-sufficient.
Adrienne Lauby
Sonoma Applied Village Services

We build partnerships that provide housing for the unsheltered. We believe tiny villages provide stability and develop self-sufficiency among our residents.
#2:Mental Health & Schools| 5:20pm - 6:10pm
Shauna Ferdinandson
Analy High School

The mission of Analy High School is to promote academic and personal success, responsible citizenship, and lifelong learning in a cooperative environment.
Brooke Ransom-Burr
Social Advocates For Youth

Social Advocates for Youth is always there to serve the most vulnerable children, youth, and their families so they can realize their fullest potential to live their best lives.
Elizabeth Smith
Sonoma County PACEs

Positive and adverse childhood experiences, formerly known as ACEs Connection. We are focused on preventing ACEs, healing trauma and building resiliency.
David Rose
Gravenstein School District

Two award-winning public schools near Sebastopol, California. We provide strong academic programs and outstanding creative arts and music instruction in a safe, rural setting.
Renee Semik
Forestville School District

We are a community of life long learners, working together to be educated, productive, kind and responsible citizens.
#3:Environment & Community| 6:15pm - 6:45pm
Dr. Wendy Trowbridge
Laguna de Santa Rosa Foundation

Founded in 1989, the Laguna Foundation's mission is to restore and conserve the Laguna de Santa Rosa, and to inspire public appreciation of this Wetland of International Importance.
Sunny Galbraith
Zero Waste Committee

Sebastopol encourages the pursuit of Zero Waste as a long-term goal in order to eliminate waste and pollution in the manufacture, use, storage, and recycling of materials.
Ariel Majorana
Russian Riverkeeper

Russian Riverkeeper has been fighting since 1993 to ensure a thriving river system and your rights to fishable, swimmable and drinkable waters. It's your river. We protect it!
#4:Community Enrichment| 6:50pm - 7:20pm
Teresa Ramondo
Western Sonoma County Historical Society

Their mission is to protect the heritage of western Sonoma County through inspiration, education, collection, and preservation.
Katie Davis
Sebastopol Senior Center

To create and maintain an environment that encourages independence for older adults by providing learning, social, and recreational opportunities in the continuing pursuit of a fulfilling and healthy life.
Philena Chantha
Sebastopol Community Culture Center

SCCC is an entertainment, educational, and cultural hub, local residents have relied on the center to regularly deliver a rich and diverse set of body, mind, and soul enriching programs.
Catherine Devriese
Sebastopol Center for the Arts

SCA is committed to cultivating creativity and inspiring appreciation for the transformative power of art. Experience Art, Make Art, Share Art and Celebrate Creative Thought.  
We encourage you to share with your network. See you tonight!
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