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Redwood Empire Food Bank offers a DRIVE-THROUGH food distribution


The  Redwood Empire Food Bank (REFB) is offering a special drive-through distribution to our community this week. 

Station 3990 distribution will be open today, Wednesday, October 18th through Saturday, October 21st from 10:00am-4:00pm at the REFB station house: 3990 Brickway Boulevard, Santa Rosa, CA 95403.

Station 3990 is a food distribution created in response to the devastating fires in our region. The REFB assembled the resources necessary to make emergency food available to those directly impacted by this disaster.

If you have been affected by the fires in one of the following ways, please know that this food distribution is for you and we are looking forward to serving you:

~You lost your home
~You lost your job due to the fires or your place of business was closed and you lost income
~Your prior access to food assistance has been disrupted. For instance, the school where you usually receive food assistance has been closed
~You're providing shelter to people who are displaced by the fires
~You are experiencing financial hardship due to loss of food caused by evacuations, loss of power or loss of gas

While Station 3990 is serving those directly impacted by the fires, the REFB has food resources available to anyone in our community who is facing hunger. If you don't meet the above criteria but are in need of food, please reach out to our Food Connections office at 707) 523-7903 and we will connect you to a food distribution in your neighborhood.

Station 3990 will provide fresh produce, non-perishable foods and snacks, staple groceries, including a variety of breads and tortillas, an assortment of canned goods, quality proteins, water and healthy beverages, and dairy items when available.

We continue to need donations of non-perishable foods for distributions to #SonomaCounty shelters - No glass, please. Donations are accepted at the REFB, 3990 Brickway Blvd. 8:00am-6:00pm through Friday and 10:00am-4:00pm Saturday and Sunday.

We desperately need your financial support to respond to this disaster. We are here to support your neighbors for the long haul and hope you will give generously to support our efforts. Please visit Redwood Empire Food Bank to make an investment in recovery.

We thank you, our #SonomaCounty and extended #BayArea families, for your generous support of the REFB and all of our neighbors experiencing hunger during this extraordinarily challenging time.

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