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Peer Voices Now! Spring 2018 Newsletter

Kalia Mussetter of Living Bridges "Bringing people together for transformative community service," invites you to read the attached Peer Voices Now!  newsletter. 

Kalia writes:

"Please enjoy this beautiful newsletter. It is rich with fine, heartfelt writing by many local mental health Peer Providers; talented individuals who serve our mental health stakeholder community every day. There is a focus on experience of both loss and healing from the recent fires, as well as moving accounts of peer services---in the Sonoma County Jail, the peer-run centers, the community as a whole."



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Thank you for sharing!  Powerful messages within this newsletter - including "Among ongoing major and minor epiphanies, here’s what I have learned from the fire: A home is a universal need and our compassion also needs to be universal, with no one left out." 

"Post-trauma reactions are there for a reason, and the reason is healing. Your world HAS changed. Your center has been rocked. You and your body have to assimilate the changes and find a new balance in order to continue to live. Make no mistake: It is an exhausting, painful, bewildering process."

"This is what peer support has taught me. There is no need to master a body of knowledge or interventions for specific problems. There is a need for me to show up as my authentic self, to bring whatever care and curiosity lives within, and to welcome those who are willing to join me."

Sadly, at the end of this newsletter, I read that the Consumer affairs Coordinator position was eliminated  due to budget cuts.  This is such meaningful - powerfully important work ... I hope it can continue. 


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