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Sonoma County PACEs Connection (CA)

Nominate Parents for "Celebrating Parents as Heroes" event in April



February is National Parent Leadership Month, dedicated to recognizing the important role of parents and caregivers in their homes and community.

In recognition of National Parent Leadership Month in February, Sonoma County PACEs Connection partnered with 18 other organizations to honor parents as heroes and to celebrate the important role that culture has in shaping different communities across our nation.

During the Child Abuse Prevention Month of April we will be celebrating parents during a ceremony especially for them complete with a warm meal. During the "Recognizing Parents as Heroes" event parents will not only be recognized, they will have the opportunity to connect with all the partners, learning about existing resources and open the doors for positive social connections and concrete support in times of need. We are excited to have Senator Mike McGuire join us as well!

You can nominate parents in our community by April 7th. They will then be contacted and asked to register for the event. You can find the link on the attached flyer and here:


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